We are Ecoke, part of CPL Products, a thought leader in manufacturing technologies and sustainability options. We are leading the journey to cleaner and greener products with unprecedented research and development across multiple industries.

With a manufacturing capacity of 500,000 tonnes annually, we support our customer’s needs across the following sectors:

  • Industrial decarbonisation
  • Home heating 
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Refractory services and products.

With a head office near Sheffield, UK, and production facilities located in the UK, Europe and Ireland, we offer efficient logistics across Europe and further afield.

CPL Products’ success in the manufacturing process is founded on its highly experienced and qualified colleagues, such as chemists, process engineers, production operatives and maintenance crew. These specialists use their expertise to bring innovative decarbonisation products to market, and help pioneer new practices across industry.

Contact us for more information about how Ecoke can reduce your CO2 emissions, and join us on the journey to cleaner and greener solutions.


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